Cooking with Kids videos

Help the kids learn a host of fun, exciting skills in the kitchen with our new collection of videos. From crushing garlic to rolling pastry, children of all ages can get involved in the cooking!

Slice, dice and chop

  • how to prepare butternut squash(st)

    How to prepare butternut squash

  • how to blanch and peel tomatoes(st)

    How to blanch and peel a tomato

  • How to dice an onion

  • How to crush garlic

  • How to slice cucumber

  • How to peel garlic

  • How to dice aubergine

  • How to de-stone avocado

Baking skills

  • how to pipe circles for baking meringue(st)

    How to pipe circles for baking meringue

  • how to plait bread(st)

    How to plait bread

  • how to fold cream with chocolate(st)

    How to fold cream with chocolate

  • how to work with filo pastry (st)

    How to work with filo pastry

  • How to whisk egg whites

  • How to whisk cream

  • How to seperate an egg

  • How to fill and use a piping bag

  • How to melt chocolate

  • How to make pancake batter

  • How to evenly roll pastry

  • How to mix and knead bread dough

  • How to cream butter and sugar

  • How to crumb butter and flour

  • How to beat egg for egg wash

  • How to ice a cupcake

  • How to cut dough with a stencil

Meal making tips

  • how to shape meatballs(st)

    How to shape meatballs

  • how to make mash (st)

    How to make basic mash

  • how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker(st)

    How to make ice cream without an ice cream maker

  • how to use a gelatine leaf(st)

    How to use a gelatine leaf

  • How to crumb meat and fish

  • How to sauce and top a pizza

  • How to build a lasagne

  • How to make breadcrumbs

  • How to make a parchment lid

  • How to grate cheese

Cook with the chefs

  • cod popcorn video static

    Luke Tipping's cod popcorn with cucumber and potato salad

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