An apple a day - 20 varieties to choose

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Crisp, juicy and packed with flavour, British apples taste amazing on their own, or used in sweet or savoury dishes.

Throughout this year's season, Tesco is stocking 20 British-grown varieties of this wonderful autumn fruit*, including Discovery, Worcester, Spartan, Jonagold, Michaelmas Red, Egremont Russet, Gala, Bramley, Braeburn, Evelina, Sonya, Katy, Opal, Pirouette, Jazz, Rubens, Early Windsor, Kanzi, Red Pippen, and the longtime British favourite, Cox. Nigel Bardsley, of River Farm in Kent, is one of the experienced apple growers who supplies them. Bite into one of his Cox apples and it's easy to see why he was named Tesco Grower of the Year in 2007. ‘The Cox is the quintessential English apple, perfect for eating on its own, and just as good cooked in a tart or with cheese,' he says.

Nigel's orchards are in Kent's prime apple growing area, set on south-facing slopes, which guarantees that the apples are excellent quality. His top tip for keeping apples? ‘Help preserve their intense flavour and firm texture by storing them in the fridge.' Or try them in our recipe for caramelized apple cake.

* Selected UK stores. Subject to availability. Number of varieties will vary in Express and Metro.

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