How to choose apples

Apple magic

Tesco stock 24 varieties of British apples, but the most popular are those featured below. When choosing your fruit, go for an apple that’s firm, shiny and heavy for its size; if it feels light, it’s probably past its best. Likewise, if it’s soft, it will be overripe. Store apples in a cool, dark place or in the salad drawer of the fridge.  

gala apple (t)Gala
Small and super-sweet, this variety is the ideal size for popping into children’s lunchboxes. Juicy, crisp and with red-tinged skin, it’s also great in salads.



cox apple (t)Cox
A classic English variety with a lovely tart flavour. Its yellow skin has a distinctive red stripy pattern.



bramley apple (t)Bramley
Big and British, the bramley is perfect for cooking as its texture and tart flavour can withstand high temperatures.



evelina apple (t)Evelina
A relative newcomer to Tesco, this apple is aromatic, crisp and juicy with a satisfying hint of acidity.



scrumptious apple (t)Scrumptious Small and sweet with a hint of tartness, this variety has crisp, rosy coloured skin
and creamy white flesh.



braeburn apple (t)Braeburn
Loved for their uniquely tangy flavour and crisp, firm flesh, they’re just as good cooked as they are raw.

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