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    • Our Value range offers you our lowest price on the widest range of products, without ever compromising on quality. So you can feed your family within your budget and still trust that they're getting the good food they need. Find out more.


    • From fresh fruit and veg to prepared meals and ingredients for home cooking, our Tesco own brand products offer quality you know you can trust, at permanently low prices. Find out more.


    • We put the very best of everything into making our Finest range. It's our tastiest food and we're proud of it. We really care about using outstanding quality ingredients, handpicked by experts committed to real flavour and authenticity - who love sourcing it, so you can love eating it. And it's all prepared with skill and care, to make every mouth watering meal feel like a treat. Finest. It's in the name.
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Discount Brands

    • Discount Brands were launched in 2008 to offer you greater choice. The range allows you to buy brands when you want to, without compromising your budget.

Tesco Organic

    • Tesco Organic was introduced in 1992 to give you a range of organic options across the store. Organic products must be certified by an approved organic certification, such as the Soil Association. Our range of Organic products is predominately produce, meat and dairy but you will also find an organic version of everyday products in most food categories. Find out more.

Tesco Light Choices

    • Big on taste, but low in calories, sugar or fat, Tesco Light Choices is the easy way to lose weight. Every product meets strict criteria for sugar, saturated fat and calories, and has either less than 3% fat or 30% less fat than a comparable product. So, lighten up and enjoy… Find out more.

Tesco Free From

    • Tesco introduced the Free From brand in 2003 to help the growing number of customers with food allergies or intolerances. The entire range is gluten and wheat free and includes things like bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta - food which is likely to cause the most problems for allergy and intolerance sufferers. The range also includes some milk free products. Find out more.

Tesco Disney Kids

    • Tesco Disney Kids was introduced in 2007 to help parents by providing a range of nutritionally balanced food that children will engage with and enjoy. The range is all about ‘Making good food great fun' and the range includes products such as Mickey Mouse shaped pizza, fresh fruit and yoghurts.



  • Tesco developed the Wholefoods brand in 2005 after customers showed a growing interest in natural foods with minimal processing. From seeds, nuts and dried fruit to beans and cous cous the range offers a selection of products which are all rich in minerals, nutrients or vitamins and help form the basis of a healthy diet.

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