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Ichiban UK Limited  - our traditional and "number one" sushi supplier.

Here's one thing we need to be clear about, according to our exclusive sushi supplier: sushi is not just about raw fish.

"The biggest misconception about sushi is that it's just made up of raw fish," says Andy Wilkinson, Managing Director of Ichiban UK Limited, "in Japanese the word ‘sushi' means ‘vinegared rice' and is a versatile dish."

"Number one"

Ichiban, means "number one" in Japanese, and what better name for this sushi company, which is obsessed with creating the very best sushi using traditional methods that are centuries old.

Sushi is what's known as a "high care" product because it contains cooked rice which requires high levels of skill and attention to detail. So all Ichiban UK Limited staff receive expert training to ensure the highest standards are achieved and are equipped with the skills to make sushi in the traditional way.

Ichiban UK Limited ingredients are cut very finely by hand using sharp knives, and over 40 tonnes of authentic sushi rice is cooked in Ichiban UK Limited's Japanese cooking pots daily.

The sushi is then transported to our Tesco stores to be enjoyed nationwide by our customers.

A mixture of heritage and elegance

But what is it that inspires Andy most about this special cuisine?

"I think the thing I love about sushi the most is the heritage and elegance of the food. In the same way as when I see a fantastically crafted piece of Japanese porcelain, I am given a feeling of great respect and awe at the process and ritual involved in making top quality sushi."

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