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We know how important animal welfare is to our customers and that's why we have a dedicated agriculture team at Tesco, who are responsible for writing and implementing our strict Livestock Codes of Practice. These codes cover all aspects of farming from the breeding farms to the finishing farms, and ensure good environmental practice as well as welfare and food safety.

We also work with independent experts, such as vets, to ensure we keep improving things. And to make sure our suppliers always follow these codes, we have an independent auditing company carry out 100s of unannounced checks on our farms and factories each year. These standards are applied wherever we source from, regardless of country of origin

Our agriculture team also spend time working with the farmers that supply us to improve standards and communication throughout the supply chain, as well as developing new products and systems.

pork imageThe Tesco Pork Range 

Pigs can be grown in a wide variety of systems and we try to sell and label a wide choice of these for our customers. 

For more information visit The Tesco Pork range.

turkey imageThe Tesco Turkey Range 

A lot of Tesco turkey production is seasonal and aimed at the Christmas and Easter markets.

For more information visit The Tesco Turkey Range.


lamb imageThe Tesco Lamb Range

Lamb production is one of the most traditional methods of farming within the UK.

For more information visit The Tesco Lamb Range.


chicken imageThe Tesco Chicken Range

As a result of its worldwide popularity, chicken is at the forefront of new farming developments.

For more information visit The Tesco Chicken Range.


The Tesco Salmon Range

There are 2 key types of salmon; farmed and wild.

For more information visit The Tesco Salmon Range.


egg imageThe Tesco Egg Range

All of our fresh eggs are from carefully selected farm-assured British farms.

For more information on The Tesco Egg Range.

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