Anglesey Sea Salt

Anglesey Sea Salt

Beautiful crystals of salt, harvested by hand on the Welsh coast.

Searching the sea

We scoured 11,000 miles of coastline until we found the perfect supplier for our finest* salt – and we found it in David and Alison Lea-Wilson in Anglesey. For this couple, creating quality sea salt has become a driving passion. To ensure they get the very best sea salt, they start early in the morning and go into the sea to check the salinity levels, which they test with a refractometer.
They'll draw the sea water, using a pump housed in a little hut on the shore, into a reservoir. David and Alison have also studied and experimented for years to find the best way to extract the salt, which they do by concentrating the seawater into stronger brine under vacuum.
This brine then flows into crystallisers, where the delicate flakes form and are then hand harvested.

Salt of the earth

At Anglesey, Wales
Anglesey Sea Salt

From coast to table

Anglesey lends itself naturally to salt production thanks to the huge mussel bed around its coastline. The mussels filter around nine pints of sea water an hour – the best natural filter you could possibly have. The result is pure white crystals, as beautiful as they are delicious, straight from the Welsh sea to your table.
It’s all about the provenance and the product and the people who make it. We produce something that’s of amazing quality. This is all about the best food you can eat

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