Elfe Potatoes

Elfe Potatoes

Unique to Tesco, our finest* Elfe Potatoes are deliciously buttery and light.

The perfect potato

Tesco works exclusively with potato suppliers Albert Bartlett and six family-run farms in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire to develop a delicious potato to suit everyone's taste. Grown exclusively for Tesco, the light yet buttery Elfe potato was developed in direct response to consumer research.
To ensure we always offer the best potatoes, each year 200 different types of potato are put forward to be trialled, and then whittled down to 75.
Then the taste testing begins, which includes using them in a variety of different recipes by Michelin star chefs and Albert Bartlett ambassadors Andrew Fairlie and Michel Roux Jnr. We're delighted to say that the Elfe has won for the last three years in a row.

Introducing an award-winner

At William Gribbon’s farm, Norfolk

Real Food recipes

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We’ve found gold

Celebrated for its delicious buttery flavour, lighter taste and creamy, moist texture, not only do our golden Elfe potatoes absorb other flavours well, but they are perfect for boiling, mashing and baking. And thanks to the rich, smooth taste, there's no need to add extra butter.
What I love about an Elfe potato is the smooth skin finish. It’s golden, buttery and lovely in texture. You can’t beat an Elfe

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