Medley of Belgian Chocolate Easter Eggs

Only the finest* Belgian chocolate and most delectable ingredients go into our range of Easter eggs.

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25 years of craftsmanship and creativity go into making our range of handcrafted finest* Easter eggs.
Our chocolate artisans hand craft each egg using quality ingredients and the finest Belgian chocolate. Chocolate experts temper, mould and decorate the chocolate, painting some eggs with gold lustre, dipping others in Turkish hazelnuts. The finest* Medley of Belgian chocolate Easter eggs† showcases gorgeous flavour combinations in five demi-eggs that fit one inside the other, with a white chocolate golden egg in the centre.
It includes milk chocolate studded with hazelnut, dark chocolate with butterscotch pieces, white chocolate with tangy raspberry, intense dark chocolate and milk chocolate with roasted coconut nibs.
†Limited edition.

Chocolate craftsmanship

At Lir Chocolates in Navan, County Meath, Ireland

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Medley of Easter Eggs

Experts in chocolate

For over 25 years our chocolatiers have honed their craft of turning the best quality ingredients into delicious Easter Eggs. The chocolate must first be tempered to make it workable and to give it a glossy shine. It’s heated and poured into moulds before being placed in the ‘spinner’ to give the chocolate an even thickness. Lastly, it’s left to cool before being decorated by hand.
Every one of our Easter eggs has been crafted with a skill and passion for chocolate

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