Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Introducing the delicious cake from the American deep south that's become a British favourite.

Triple layer triple luxury

When making a truly delicious Red Velvet Cake, our first job is to get the right balance of ingredients. That means free-range eggs to make the cake mouthwateringly moist, a light chocolatey sponge base with an intense red crumb, all encased in silky cream cheese frosting that’s beautifully soft but that holds its shape effortlessly.

Ravishing Red Velvet

At Memory Lane Cakes, Cardiff, Wales
Red Velvet Cake

A work of art

The delicate skill of decorating takes a steady hand and nerves of steel. Generous amounts of cream cheese are spread between the layers, always by hand and always right to the very edge.
Then the thick, rich, tangy frosting is added along the top of the third layer and down the side so it’s all superbly coated and the inner red velvet cake is hidden. This is done on individual spinning turntables to make sure it’s even – and each cake is skillfully given a spiral finish using a palette knife.
Finally, the red crumb is carefully hand-sprinkled around the edge to give a slight crunch. The real trick is making this decoration so stunningly simple – so much so it could even be homemade (and we won’t tell if you don’t).
A lot of manufactured cakes look the same but this one is that bit more special. They’re all hand decorated so they’ve got that little personal touch to them

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