Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock

Delicious and golden, finest* smoked haddock is a British classic.

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Our finest* Smoked Haddock is sourced from a Grimsby smokehouse that has been in the same family for three generations. The smokehouse's chimneys have stood for over a century and they still use the same traditional methods. The result is fish with a deep smokey flavor and golden colour.

Keeping it in the family

At Russell smokery, Grimsby

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At our smokehouse a five-man team uses traditional methods to make sure our finest* Smoked Haddock is just right. The men climb high up into the 30-foot chimneys and hang the fish on steel rods by hand. But, of course, some things have changed – the men wear harnesses now, like rock climbers. Fires are lit at the bottom of the chimney and left overnight to get that deliciously smokey flavour. At 5am the next day all the fish come down and the process starts again.
It’s hard work and takes hours. If it’s cold it’s easier, but on hot days it takes longer for the fish to dry. But whatever the weather, you can be sure that we're pleased with the results – and we think you will be too.
This place has been here for one hundred years and we use exactly the same process to smoke the fish that my grandpa used in the nineteen-forties.

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