Vanilla Origins Ice Cream Selection

Vanilla Origins Ice Cream Selection

From lush Devon pastures, with a little help from Madagascar, Bourbon and Tahiti, finest* Origins Mini Pots Selection is special tasting pack, featuring ice creams made from three exceptional vanillas.

Cool and classic

Humble vanilla is often overlooked in favour of more flamboyant flavours, but we think that’s a big mistake. So we set out in search of the ultimate vanilla ice cream. We couldn’t find just one, though – we discovered three. And they’re all so good we put them together in a special tasting pack. We have sweet and rich Madagascan Vanilla, fruity and floral Tahitian Vanilla and the smooth, slightly smoky Bourbon Vanilla.
Trust us, they all taste delicious, distinct and unique. (And to spoil you further, there's also a Chocolate Origins Ice Cream Selection made using three different kinds of cocoa bean – and just as delicious, too.)

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A little indulgence

Not just any vanilla...

To create finest* Origins Ice Cream Selection, the family-owned dairy with whom we work sourced vanilla extracts from Madagascar, Bourbon and Tahiti – because just as wine differs according to the region, the amount of sunshine and the soil conditions, so vanilla does too, and these are deemed the best in the world.
The talented dairy team then mix the extracts with double cream and whole milk from cows grazed on lush Devon pastures. Next, the ice cream is lovingly created in small batches, heated, blended, cooled, aged, stirred and frozen – first gently and then quickly so it’s perfectly smooth.
Just like the grapes used to make wine, vanilla beans are thought to develop different flavours according to the characteristics of the soil where they grow

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