Wensleydale Blue

Wensleydale Blue

Introducing our distinctively flavoured Wensleydale Blue, made in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

Labour of love

Our expert cheesemakers use fresh milk from local cows grazed on the grass, herbs and wild flowers that only the Yorkshire Dales can offer.
The creamery then produces its own strains of secret starter cultures to create a distinctive flavor – and blue roquefort mould to make the vein. The cheesemakers navigate their way over vast open-top vats and hang stainless steel paddles to stir the curds and whey together. The vats are then gently warmed using a steam jacket. Now the back-breaking work begins. They cut the curd and mix it with British salt using pitchforks.
It’s pressed in moulds and wrapped in muslin bandages, then kept in a maturing cellar for a few weeks, to mimic the conditions of a cave. Our cheesemakers pierce the cheese all over with needles. This allows oxygen to flow in, brining the mould spores to life, which creates a blue vein. Using a cheese iron, the master cheese-grader takes a sample from the Wensleydale, assessing the fruits of all this labour for aroma, flavour and texture. to make sure it’s perfect.

The big cheese

At the Wensleydale creamery in the Yorkshire Dales

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Dedication and devotion

Our Wensleydale Blue is crafted by a devoted team for whom this isn’t just a cheese – it’s a way of life.
They make up to 10 vats a day, seven days a week, year after year... and that takes a lot of artisan skill. But we think you'll agree, that the result - a creamy, mellow, nutty cheese, with a salty mushroom-like flavour that lingers in the mouth - is well worth it.
The best bit is when we get to taste it. We absolutely love doing this. It has a great, great flavour. Creamy, superb… it’s an absolute winner.

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