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There are 2 key types of salmon; farmed and wild. In recent years farmed salmon has become much more readily available and farm assurance standards have been introduced to ensure the fish remain healthy and have minimal impact on the environment.

Wild salmon are still caught and can be seen by their disctinctive deep red, lean flesh.

At Tesco we sell 4 key ranges of salmon:

Value/ Standard Salmon
Finest Specially selected Salmon
Finest Wild Alaskan Salmon
Organic salmon

Tesco Standard/Value Salmon

This salmon is grown in cold, clear waters around the coasts of Scotland and Norway and the farms are designed to minimise environmental impacts. The smolts are reared in fresh water before being moved to the salt water growing pens. This mimics their natural life cycle in the wild. Farming salmon is a sustainable way to produce quality tasting fresh fish and the environment and health of the fish is monitored by farm assurance schemes.

Tesco Finest Specially Selected Salmon

Our Tesco Finest Salmon is reared on specially selected farms in Scotland exclusively for Tesco, and are grown for longer to produce leaner and well-flavoured fish. The breed of salmon is Salmo Salar, chosen for quality and delicious taste. When the fish are older they are moved into coastal farms, following their natural journey through life. Here they thrive in deep tidal waters producing salmon of the best farmed quality. All the farms are RSPCA Freedom Foods accredited.

Tesco Finest Wild Salmon

Tesco Finest Wild Salmon is 100% caught in Alaska, from sustainable fisheries accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council. The breed of our wild salmon is Oncorhynchus nerka or more well known as Pacific salmon. Wild salmon begin their lives in rivers when their eggs hatch and live on tiny organisms. When they grow larger they are called smolts and this is when they make their epic journey to the sea in spring. The salmon will have been at sea for two years before they make their journey back up the rivers to their place of birth. This salmon is completely natural and has a distinctively natural, pure taste.

Tesco Organic Salmon

Our organic salmon is farmed to strict organic standards set by independent approved bodies. Their lifetime in organic selected farms replicates their wild life as much as possible. They begin life in fresh water and when the salmon are big enough they spend the end of their life in the sea farms to thrive in tidal conditions as they would in the wild. There are strict controls over the use of medicines and feed additives.

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