Gammon steaks and joints

Deliciously tasty and economic, gammon is so versatile but people often don’t think beyond the traditional gammon steak and pineapple or roasting joints. Serve it in place of meats you would normally use in your favourite recipes. A family can get a roast dinner and two days of sandwiches from one joint!


About our gammon

Tesco Gammon Joints really are quicker than you think to cook as you don't need to pre-soak them... simply pop in the oven! If you have any leftovers from your Sunday roast or weekday meal, simply pop into a sandwich and take to work or school. If you wonder what the difference is between gammon and ham, gammon is ham before it’s cooked!

  • Tesco Smoked Gammon Joint

    Don’t forget you don’t need to soak our gammon joints – simply rinse and pat dry before basting. Our gammon joints and steaks are perfectly hand-prepared by experienced butchers

  • Tesco Unsmoked Gammon Joint

    Try chopping this raw joint into pieces and then frying off to create a delicious warm salad or adding to an autumnal soup. Leftovers will taste great in a sandwich.

  • Tesco Smoked Gammon Steaks

    Try snipping the rind to prevent the steak curling up during cooking - but don’t remove it as it adds flavor to the meat. For a leaner steak, keep the rind on while cooking and remove when ready to eat!

Don’t worry if you think there is an unusual odour when you open the pack, this is a natural consequence of the way it has been packaged.

You may be used to soaking gammon joints before cooking, but this is no longer necessary! Simply rinse then pat with kitchen paper and pop in the oven

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