Sliced cooked meats

Our sliced cooked meats are perfect for every occasion. Our Finest range includes award-winning and unique-to-Tesco products, while our range with No Added Water has good quality options for all the family. Get inspired with new twists on your favourite meals, or just a way to use up that last piece of ham in the fridge.


About our Finest sliced cooked meats

Our Finest Cooked Meats range truly is a slice above the rest! Using traditional cures and cuts, the all-British range offers fantastic quality at a great price. Pick your favourite to create a deliciously superior sandwich or serve as an exceptionally tasty addition to a variety of meals.

The Finest ham range is made up of three very different styles: Thick Carve Oven Baked, Yorkshire Dry Cure and Wiltshire Cure.

  • Finest Thick Carve Oven Baked Ham

    Our Finest Thick Carve Oven Baked Hams are truly unique products - they are slowly baked for maximum flavour and then roasted. The process produces an old-fashioned dry cure ham with a succulent taste and crumbly texture...perfect for a classic meal such as ham, egg and chips!

  • Finest Yorkshire Dry Cure Roast Ham

    The Finest Yorkshire Dry Cured Hams have been specially developed for Tesco. These succulent hams are made using cures and techniques unique to Yorkshire and deliver a perfect overall eating experience. They are just perfect for sandwiches and salads

  • Finest Aberdeen Angus Beef Topside

    As well as the Finest Ham offering, we also have a fantastic Beef range comprising of an award-winning British Aberdeen Angus Beef product reared and bred exclusively for Tesco. Our choice joints of Aberdeen Angus beef topside are simply medium roasted for succulence and flavour

In addition, we have our Finest Wiltshire Cured Hams  which are traditionally made by steeping whole legs of British pork in an aged Wiltshire brine before hanging on the bone. This allows a full, tender flavour to develop. The meat is then carefully cooked and trimmed by hand. These succulent hams with a mature flavour are a family favourite.

Finally, we have a delicious poultry range, reared exclusively on selected British farms, including our delicious Finest Chicken and Stuffing.                                                               


You should take your Finest Cooked Meat product out of the fridge for 10 minutes before eating, allowing the Finest flavours to develop

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