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There are currently no saved recipes in your binder. Follow these three simple steps to make the most of your binder:

  • 1 Save recipes

    To add a recipe to your binder simply click the Save to binder button found in the top right corner of the recipe page. All recipes have this button and you can save as many in your binder as you wish.

    Save to binder button
  • 2 Add notes

    You can customise your saved recipes by adding personal notes. Whether the time needs adjusting to suit your oven, or you’d like to add a touch more spice next time you cook, you can make a note to remind yourself.

    Add note button

    To add or edit a note click on the Note icon that appears when you hover over the recipe in your binder.

  • 3 Search and filter

    You can search through and filter your saved recipes by ingredient, cuisine, dietary requirements and cooking time. You can even ask us to show you the recipes you haven’t cooked yet! Or to simply see all your recipes in alphabetical order select the display as list option.

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