How to make bread sauce

Video guide to making bread sauce

Ingredients to make bread sauce

On all the bread sauces it’s very simple, 200g of bread crumbs, 600mls of milk, cloves, onion, knob of butter and the secret ingredient, stock pot. And just to spice it up a little bit, nutmeg.

How to get started on your bread sauce

Take our milk, 600mls, in the pan. Take our onion, cut it in half, a few cloves, okay, put that in there. Pinch of nutmeg, little knob of butter, and then we take our stock pot, chicken flavour, and so the stock pot is our seasoning.

So all we’ve really done is make a milk stock. Bring that to the boil, or scold it, lift out the onion, add the breadcrumbs and just cook it. And if you want to know why chicken stock, chicken, roast partridge, turkey, bread sauce, works fantastically well.

Why making bread sauce is easy

Lots of people think making bread sauce is difficult. What is it? It’s milk, a pinch of nutmeg, one chicken stock pot, an onion, stick it with some cloves and a bay leaf, a bit of butter, that’s it.

Scold it, lift out the onion, in go the bread crumbs. And that’s the difference between having the best Sunday lunch or just another Sunday lunch. So I’ll take my onion out, I’ve now scolded my milk, as you can see. And so now, in goes our bread crumbs. I mean a roast chicken, a roast partridge, turkey without bread sauce to me, is not a turkey, is not a chicken.

How to get the right bread sauce consistency

All we do now is just stir it in and just cook it out slowly. What you don’t want, you don’t want it too wet. Always make it so it’s quite firm still because, let’s not forget, it’s a bread sauce.

If you stick to 3 to 1, when I say 3 to 1, 600mls of milk, 200g of bread crumbs, you won’t be far wrong. It’s almost fool proof. And that’s what we’re looking for and something that’s very simple. As you’ve seen it takes 5 minutes, 6 minutes to cook.

So that’s ready now. The jug which we had the milk in, we put it back in, cover with cling film and just keep somewhere warm. And then you’ve got your bread sauce, you see, and it can be passed round the table.

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