Chocolate nut and raisin cookies

Try these quick and easy cookies with nut and raisin prepared using Flora Cuisine, which has 45% less saturated fat than olive oil. Perfect for that quiet moment with a cup of tea and always a firm favourite with the kids!

Video guide to chocolate nut and raisin cookies

Hi, I'm Jean Christophe Novelli and I'm going to show you how to make the perfect chocolate raisin and nut cookies.

Ingredients for Novelli’s cookies

The good thing about doing this recipe is it's very simple. You can just mix everything together, it works very well. Let's put it in, any order, which is great to remember. You can do whatever you want, you can put anything; chocolate, flour, sugar. I'm putting the raisins in. Then the honey, then the coffee extract, Flora Cuisine.

Already before I start mixing, you can see that the consistency of the mix is going to be very easy. One egg and, at last, again it's very optional, some vanilla.

Then what you do just mix. I think probably the hardest part of the recipe is to mix. There we are, after only a minute. It's not too shiny, it's not too glossy, there's not so much fat, obviously, that's the reason.

And then what we do, use a baking tray. The good thing about the Flora Cuisine again, it's not just an ingredient to cook with but you can also use a little bit to grease your tins. Before coming to the time, make sure the oven is hot enough; make sure the tray is obviously. And what we do is just portion it, two thirds of the spoon, or whatever. You can always add, very optional, a bit of white almonds. That goes in the oven. To be honest, I would cook them at the last minute, before consuming or serving them.

And that is a great recipe, thank you. Bon appétit, enjoy them.

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