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Hi, I'm Levi Roots and I'm involved with Climate Week and I'd like to inspire you to cook a low carbon meal, because that's exactly what I'm going to do. But first, I'm going to debling.

Now, this recipe was inspired by my son Zaion and it's got his name to it; Zaion's School Meals chow mein. And also we're going to do a nice spicy Levi's homemade sauce as well. Off with the bling, just get rid of this.

Ingredients for chow mein

OK, what we're going to do first, we're going to first prepare the sauce. What we've got, we've got 400g of tomato, we're going to get that into the blender, let's pour that in, shall we? That's lovely, next we're going to add 50g of fresh coriander and I've got here five tablespoons of muscovado sugar. Two spring onions and this bit is just the green bit of the spring onion, or in Jamaica we say scallion, so in with two scallion tops.

Add my favourite ingredient

Next I'm going to be adding here about a tablespoonful of tomato puree, then two old friends here; one clove of garlic roughly chopped and a quarter tablespoonful of fresh thyme. In it goes, next I'm going to add perhaps my favourite ingredient of all time which is the good old Scotch Bonnet chilli. These are my favourite but you can use just an ordinary chilli if you want, but I'm going to be using these, and I've deseeded them because with the seeds in, they are lethal, so in it goes. I'll keep that.

In this bowl here I've got a bit of a concoction of spices. I've got a bit of nutmeg, a bit of allspice, ginger and cinnamon and I'm going to add that in. About a quarter tablespoonful of each, in it goes. Next I'm going to add about five tablespoonfuls of white wine vinegar and finally, salt and pepper. I've got about a quarter tablespoonful of black pepper and salt.

Blitz in the blender

Right, once you've got all your ingredients in, the next bit is really easy and that's to mash it up all together, so let's get it on the blender, shall we? Put the lid on.

OK, now that's nice and whizzed, so let's fire it up, shall we? That smells delicious, let's have a little taste. You can actually add to taste; if you like you want a little bit more salt or pepper or what have you, just add it in, but this is perfect. OK, now that's looking delicious. The next thing is to bring it to the boil and simmer for about five minutes.

Right, OK, the sauce is doing fantastic so now let's get on with the chow mein. I'm going to be using about 250g of these delicious fresh noodles. In here, I have about 150g of broccoli, 200g of cauliflower and two carrots, that's already cooked.

Heat up the wok

But first, let's get over here, shall we? We've got our wok so let's fire up the wok. The first thing that's going to go in is half a tablespoonful of oil. In it goes, once you've got your wok nice and heated, I've got here one red onion, one spring onion and one clove of garlic finely chopped, in it goes. We cook that until it's nice and tender.

Cook the onions and garlic

Right, you've got your onions and your garlic and your spring onions cooking away nicely there. Next we're going to add some red peppers and green peppers, I've got some diced already here but I'll chop one. This is going to add real colour to the dish. This goes in.

This needs to be cooked just to soften the red peppers and the green peppers a little bit. That's delicious, next I've got eight mushrooms which I've quartered and I've got two tomatoes which I've diced neatly and a little bit of fresh thyme. And stir fry these together.

The next thing is to add our delicious sauce. Right, in with it, fantastic. Give it a twirl. Once you've done that, reduce the heat and let that simmer. Once you've turned down the fire just give it a nice twirl and place the lid on and let that cook for about one to two minutes.

Add the veg to the sauce

Right, the sauce has been cooking for two minutes so next I need to add the vegetables. Need to give that a twirl, that's looking really delicious. You've got all that lovely colour, all that lovely flavours in there, just waiting to get on the plate and enjoy. Right, next in is about 300g of sweetcorn and twirl these in.

Now, once that's in, next in is going to be your noodles. I'm using about 250g of egg noodles. And just give that a really good turning so that you coat your noodles and the sauce together.

Once you've got all that in, next I'm going to add about a tablespoonful of soy sauce. Fantastic and finally, you don't have to, of course, but this is all-purpose seasoning, I'm just going to add a tiny bit but it is optional.

This is a low carbon meal because it's vegetarian. Now, another thing that you can do is to use locally-sourced fruit and veg that's in season and you can play your part in helping the environment.

A squeeze of lime

OK, so now what we're going to do is squeeze on a bit of lime here. I think that's about ready so fire off, that's brilliant and now let's serve that.

I want all these delicious colours and flavours in there. That smells absolutely fabulicious; that's like a mix between fabulous and delicious.

And there you have it, Zaion's School Dinner chow mein, a scrumptious low carbon meal.

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