Easy home bake: How to make flapjacks

Video guide to making flapjacks

Hi, I'm going to show you how to make the most delicious sweet and chewy flapjack from the Easy Home Bake range.

Warm the flapjack mix

So the first thing I'm going to do is just unsnap the lid here and pop this in the microwave because this has been in the fridge for a while. I'm going to pop it in the microwave just for 30 seconds on a high heat.

Add chocolate chips

So this is just warmed through sufficiently now so the first thing we have to do is empty this out into the bowl. This is so simple you can get the children to do this for you if you like. I want to make this flapjack a little bit more exciting so I'm going to use some of these products from the Tesco Easy Home Bake range. Here I've got milk chocolate chips and I've got dried fruit and I've got white chocolate. I think I might fancy a bit of milk chocolate chips first of all. These are great little products because you can use little bits, like this, and then pop the lid back on and store them in your cupboard until next time. Also I'm going to go for some dried fruit as this is all natural ingredients. Lovely and juicy and finally, I'm going to add some white chocolate chips.

Squash evenly into tray

This just needs one final stir up, it's as simple as that. This just simply needs to go in the baking tray which I've just greased with a tiny bit of butter. So the trick here is to squash it down as evenly as possible and for this I'm going to use a metal spoon. You don't want to crush it completely but just flatten it out so it's nice and even over the top.

Now a nice tip for you, if you have lots of raisins popping up, you can just pop them back down to make sure they don't catch while it's cooking. And it's as simple as that.

And this is now going to go into my pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for between 20 and 25 minutes, until it's gorgeous and golden brown.

Score the flapjacks while hot

Looks absolutely amazing. Now the trick here is to score it while it's still hot, be careful obviously because the tin's very hot. Gently take a sharp knife and just press it down to the bottom and score it because this will make it much easier to get it out of the tin when it's cool.

I'm going to cut this into nine squares of flapjack, just about enough for everybody. There, so these just need to cool for about 10 minutes before I get them out but, luckily I've already made another batch that I can get to work on.

Jazz up your flapjacks

These are some I made earlier and instead of putting all the nice extra bits inside, as I did with those, these ones I've just made plain but I'd like to jazz them up. So what I've done is melted a little bit of the chocolate, which is really easy to do in these packs. You very simply loosen the lid and pop it into the microwave for a short while. And I've also got some desiccated coconut here.

All you have to do, if you want to jazz up some plain flapjack is dip it in. This is great to let the children do and to get really busy, doesn't matter if you make a mess. And a little bit of coconut over the top and these are jazzed up gorgeous flapjacks, perfect.

Now, coming back to the ones I made originally with the fruit and the milk chocolate drops and the white chocolate drops, they're absolutely gorgeous. I'm just going to get these out now and plate them up. You have to take this very slowly and gently, respect your flapjacks. These really don't need any more decoration because they've got all the extra goodies inside. This is a totally natural mix, really, really easy to make and they taste absolutely gorgeous.

So there, these are the sweet and chewy flapjack from the Easy Home Bake range.

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