How to barbecue food

Video guide to barbecue food

Hi, I'm Marcus and I'm going to show you how to barbecue food.

Marinate the chicken

First, we've got some lovely sausages, which are always great on the barbecue then some lovely chicken thighs, which we've just marinated with some lemon juice, some garlic and some olive oil, just to really add some good flavour there. Then we've got our vegetable skewers. A little tip for your vegetable skewers is make sure you pre-soak them. So what we've done with these, just for a couple of hours beforehand, we popped all our skewers in water and all that does is it stops the skewers from burning when they go on the barbecue.

Season the vegetable skewers

The next thing I'm going to do is grab some rosemary sprigs and a little bit of olive oil and I'm just going to drizzle those over those vegetable skewers, just to add a little bit more flavour and the oil's great for the cooking on the barbeque, just to stop it sticking.

So let's get our food ready. Couple of sausages and some of those lovely marinated chicken thighs. So let's get these on the barbecue.

Barbecue hints

I'm using a coal barbecue today and one of the big tips when using a coal barbecue is to make sure your coals go from black to grey. The reason we want them to be grey is because we don't want to burn our food on the outside and undercook it on the inside.

So first thing what we're going to do is we're going to cook our chicken, because that takes a little bit longer to cook.

One way of controlling the temperature in your barbecue is to move some of the coals to one side so you have a hotter area and a cooler area and that really helps with controlling the temperature of what you're cooking on the barbecue.

So the chicken's cooking nicely, now let's get the sausages on.

Then the last thing to put on is our vegetable skewers. Make sure to put them on the edge so we can turn those skewers, just to cook them nice and evenly.

Test the food is cooked

So the food's looking fantastic now, let's get that off the barbecue. And if you're not sure if it's cooked properly, grab a knife and just poke it in and let those juices come out. If they run clear, you know it's cooked through. Let's grab ourselves a clean plate. And the last things, the vegetable skewers.

And that's how you barbecue food.

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