How to cook rice

Video guide to cooking rice

Hi, I'm going to show you how to boil rice.

Types of rice

There are loads of different types of rice, like the lovely nutty brown rice that I've got here, or the slightly fatter, starchier pudding rice over here, but what I'm going to use is Basmati rice, which will give you fluffy rice every time you cook with it.

How do I cook rice?

So I've got my rice in a jug and what you want is about 60g to 80g per person and you always want to double the volume of water to rice, nice and easy. You need to wash your rice before you cook with it to get all the starch out and that gives you lovely, fluffy rice. So I'm just going to pour it into my sieve, like that, and take it over to the taps to give it a good rinse. So you just want to rinse all the starch out of the rice and when the water runs clear at the bottom, that's when it's ready. That looks almost done to me, there we go, I'm just going to pop it in that bowl. So what I did there was just wash the starch out of the rice just by rinsing it under the tap until the water ran clear out of the bottom. But I saved a little bit of that water just so you can see the starchy, cloudy water that I mean. Once that runs clear, the rice is ready and it'll cook up lovely and fluffy in the pan. 

So let's start to cook the rice. Remove the lid and just pop the rice that we've washed into the saucepan, there we go. Then I'm going to add double the quantity of boiling water into the rice and that's the perfect volume to get fluffy Basmati rice. There we go, and just some basic seasonings in here; a good pinch of salt, I've got a couple of bay leaves and a knob of butter which will flavour it and help really keep the grains separate.

So I'm just going to turn that on, there we go, pop the lid on, like that, bring it to the boil and once it's boiling, just reduce the heat to low and leave it for about eight to ten minutes, or whatever it says on the back of the packet, and you'll get perfect fluffy rice. Golden rule: don't take the lid off, just leave it to cook and it'll be perfect.

Fluffing up the rice

So my rice is cooked through, I'm just going to turn the heat off and I've got a really, really good tip for you:  if you just get a clean tea towel, pop it over your rice like this, pop the lid on and just leave it for about four to five minutes, it'll absorb all the steam and really fluff up the rice and get it really dry and separate grains; but to be honest, this rice doesn't need it, it's perfectly cooked. I'm going to serve this up, got a dish, lovely and fluffy rice, delicious. Two big spoonfuls in there look at that, and I've got some parsley here, which is just a really simple way to add a bit of extra flavour and garnish, delicious. So there you go, that's how you boil rice.

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