How to crush and peel garlic

Video guide to cooking with garlic

Hi, I'm Marcus and I'm going to show you how to peel and chop garlic.

How to cook with garlic

Garlic's one of my favourite ingredients and the reason being is because it's good for you, it adds a lot of flavour to all the things you can cook with it.

What we're going to do is just release these cloves from this bulb and how we do that is we pop it on the board and we just grab the back of our hand. Place that on top of the bulb and just, very gently, rock your hand and out will pop all those lovely cloves.

How to chop garlic

What I'm going to do is just grab one of these cloves. Now what we need to do is we need to release that clove and get the skin off it. So we grab ourselves quite a nice big knife and, making sure the blade's facing away from us, we pop that on top, just the back of the hand again, like I said before, just pop that on there and just release it. And you'll just see, it'll start to break up and you can just pull that skin straight away from that clove.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to chop the garlic. So keeping that blade away from you again, just put your hand on it and then we're going to chop. Just make sure you're chopping it quite finely. The reason you'd use chopped garlic is for things like a risotto, a soup, a casserole, something like that, it doesn't have to be too fine. The nice thing about that is it will release the flavours slowly, over a long period of time. So we just get that nice little diced bit of garlic. So that's our diced garlic.

Create a garlic paste

Now the other thing you can do with the garlic is to actually make it into a bit of a paste. What we do is we add a little bit of salt, just to break down the garlic and then we pop our knife back on there again and we just give it a little bit of a squash and then scrape it up together and then chop again. And then just crush it again, like that. That makes a lovely little paste. You'd use paste for things like garlic mayonnaise, some garlic butter, really, really nice, some dips maybe.

Roast garlic

The other thing you can do with garlic is to roast it. All you do with this is just grab a whole bulb, take the head off, pop some olive oil and a little bit of salt in there, pop that in the oven, about 200 degrees for about 20 minutes, half an hour. When you take that out, you can just see, it really softens it, so you've got a lovely garlic flavour, it's very, very subtle. This'd be great - very, very similar to that but it's just a little bit milder and maybe a touch sweeter.

Remove the smell of garlic from hands

So it's just another alternative way to cook the garlic. Another little tip, when we've finished, to remove the smell off your hands, of the garlic. Pop our hands in the water, wash them, and if you've got a stainless steel utensil, a spoon or something similar, rub that in your hands and that'll remove the smell. The other thing you can do is just grab a little pinch of salt, rub that in your hands and that'll also help remove the smell. And that's how you peel and chop garlic.

Make garlic butter

So another way for using your garlic. Grab yourself a little bit of butter and some parsley. What we're going to do is just add our butter and our parsley into a bowl and just make ourselves a nice simple garlic butter.

Grab the knife, just pick up that chopped garlic we had earlier and just give that a mix together. Once you've got your garlic butter made, this'll store in your fridge for probably up to about a week really. You can use that for making a nice garlic bread. Otherwise, you can get a nice chicken breast, pop the garlic butter under the skin and roast it off. Absolutely delicious.

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