How to finely chop an onion


How to finely chop an onion

Finely chopping an onion is easy when you know how. Here's a great way.

Cut in half and peel

Start by cutting the onion in half from the root to the base. Peel back the brown papery skin. Put the cut side down.

Vertical and horizontal cuts

Take the tip off and keep the root on and start making vertical cuts towards the root. Don't cut right up to the root or the onion will fall apart. And make a couple of horizontal cuts, again go towards the root but not through it. Then hold the onion from at the top and cut down vertically across your original cuts.

Chop away

The onion falls away as you slice through. Keep going until you get to the root, which you can throw away. And that's it, the easy way to finely chop an onion.

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