How to make a piping bag

Video guide to making a piping bag

Hello, I'm Ravinder and I'm going to show you how to make a piping bag.

Prepare your baking parchment

So I've just got some baking parchment here and what you need to do is open it up. So once you've got it open, you just need to grab the top corner and you just need to make a triangle shape, so that that top corner touches the bottom and the edge is completely straight. Just fold it over. Just swipe your knife through and you'll get a nice straight edge. Don't need that any more. And then, move my knife out of the way, you're left with this triangle.

You put the longest edge here and you need to fold it to create the nozzle. You need to wrap that round, don't let go of that end, and then that will just fold all the way round and will give you a lovely piping bag. Just make sure it's nice and secure and then you just need to tape it so that you've got your bag ready to fill.

Fill with icing

As you can see, I've got one that I've made here already. It's nice and secure, it's stuck down with some tape. I'm going to fill that, I'm going to use this lovely blue icing. Just going to give it a little mix. Once you've done that, you need to just lay it down and then you need to secure it, so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to fold over the ends and then I'm going to start rolling this down so there are no air pockets left. You'll know when it's nice and tight because you can't roll any further.

And now I'm going to show you how it works. I'm going to get my board so I can demonstrate it, just going to place that down. And then using my scissors, I'm just going to nip off the very end of it and then you're ready to ice. All you're doing is letting it fall and dragging it along to create some lovely lines. You can see you've got some great control there. When you want to stop, that's it. It's a great thing to do with children, you can see it's quite fun. And that's it, so I'm just going to finish off another one that I've been doing, just jazz it up slightly with my blue icing again.

And that's how you make and use a piping bag.
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