How to make perfect roast potatoes


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Preparing the potatoes

What I always do when I roast potatoes is I always boil them first. But what I do is I peel them, cut them in half, depending on the size, in cold water, bring it up to the boil and it takes about 5 minutes. Then what I do is I wash them off with fresh cold water from the tap. And so, as you can see, they're not really cooked they're just a little bit boiled.


What we do with them is we take some clarified butter, again we take a vegetable cube, again we crumble it into that, once again just dissolve it.

Stick it in the oven

So what I do is I get my hot tray and then what I do is just very simply just put them in the tray. Coat them in the butter and then once I pop them in the oven I never move them. I just let them roast. And in about 30 minutes time they should be ready. Very simple, very easy, it's all about the perfect roast potato and the perfect roast potato is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.



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