How to make pork souvlaki

Video guide to making pork souvlaki

Impress your friends with this fantastic Greek souvlaki recipe

Greek pork souvlaki are delicious morsels of skewered pork. Perfect sunshine food cooked outdoors on a barbeque or indoors. Your friends are going to love it. And the good news is that these few everyday ingredients will make an incredible meal to feed four hungry mouths without breaking the bank. And this is all it takes.

Get started with the perfect pork marinade

Start by marinating the pork, 800g of cubed shoulder steak. This is a simple Greek inspired marinade. So throw in two cloves of chopped garlic, the zest of one lemon, a splash of olive oil and half a teaspoon of fiery cayenne pepper. Make sure the marinade covers every inch of the pork and leave it to marinade for a minimum of half an hour in the fridge.

How to make and cook your pork souvlaki skewers

Now making the skewers is really simple, just alternate each piece of pork with a slice of red onion. And you should have enough for about 8 skewers, so two per person. And if you’re using wooden skewers, don’t forget to soak them in water first so they don’t burn.

I’m not just using pork shoulder steaks because they’re good value but they’re also really tasty and stand up to grilling really well. Then one last trick to boost the flavour, a tablespoon of cumin and a tablespoon of salt and stir them together. And then simply scatter it over the kebabs.

Place the skewers on a hot barbeque or indoor grill until they’re brown and delicious. They’ll need about 5 minutes each side but don’t be tempted to turn them too early or you’ll miss out on those brilliant grill marks.

Pork souvlaki serving suggestions

So what’s served with this pork souvlaki? You could go down the whole pitta bread, tomato salad and tzatziki route or simply boil up some rice, throw in some chopped parsley and some chopped dill and there you have it, it’s that easy to create a Greek inspired great value dish.

Simple delicious pork souvlaki, sunshine food for an easy everyday dinner or the perfect excuse to get everyone over for a barbeque.

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