How to peel and prepare raw prawns

Video guide to peeling and preparing raw prawns

A simple way to peel and devein prawns

I’m going to show you how to peel and devein prawns. Often you go to the fish counter and you’ll find prawns with the shell on but no head on or you might find prawns with the head on and the shell on. So I’m going to show you how you can prepare these at home.

How to remove the heads from raw prawns

All you do is you go and take the head away from the body, so you just break that away. These are really good for stock so you just need to pan fry those in a nice hot searing pan and then what you do is you can add in a little bit of brandy and maybe a little bit of water and cook them for 5 minutes, remove the heads and you have a delicious fish stock that’s great for fish soup.

Taking off prawn tails

Then what you can do is you can remove the tail. Just unclick it there and then you can just ease the tail away from the actual body. Then you take your nails and you crack open the underbelly of the prawn to remove the shell. It’s a bit tricky but stick with it. The more you do the easier it becomes. And then you just remove the lovely flesh of the prawn.

How to devein raw prawns

To devein it, what you want to do is put it on a flat surface and then you want to run a sharp knife along the back of the prawn, like so. And in there, luckily with the knife it came away, is the intestine. But you want to remove that and then they’re ready to cook, which I’m going to show you a really simple idea with.

Cooking prawns to perfection

All you do is get a very hot pan, add a bit of oil into it. And then we’re just going to add in the prawns. And I’ll just show you how you cook prawns properly.

So you want to get a nice searing hot pan and then you want to add in some garlic, as much or as little as you like, and then some flat leaf parsley just to finish it off.

Now you want to just leave them to turn pink. And once they’re pink throughout they’re cooked. So they go from this lovely sort of translucent colour to this golden hue of a pink and they’ll be delicious served with a little bit of garlic mayonnaise.

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