Jason Atherton's gazpacho

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Gazpacho is a cold tomato vegetable based soup from the southern region of Andalucía and it's perfect for the summer months.

Roughly dice the tomatoes

We take our tomatoes and we just cut them into even dice, it can be rough dice, it doesn't really have to be anything too neat or tidy. We take two or three of the peppercorns, crush them with the back of your knife just to release the flavours. Just fresh tomato juice, straight out of a carton, and we just pour over the top, like so. With some fresh basil, really nice and fragrant. All we're doing is just bruising it because we're going to blend it later. We're going to put that in the fridge and just let that chill.

Slice the red and yellow peppers

One red, one yellow pepper, we're going to cut them straight in half. It's not too much of a problem if you have too many pips in there because, at the end of the day, we're going to blend it and pass it, so it's totally fine. Little bit of olive oil into our medium pan. We add our peppers, like so. So they're now softening nicely. All we want to add to that is just a little bit of our thyme, just a nice sprig of thyme in there like so. We add a little bit more basil, just two or three leaves, that's all, in there like so. Our bay leaf in and last but not least, a little bit of garlic. The juices are now starting to come out the peppers. We're now going to add that to our chilled soup.

Place soup in fridge to chill

There's our chilled soup, so we put those in and now we're just going to put that back in the fridge to chill.

So next stage, we've taken our soup out of the fridge, it's nice and chilled, and now we're just going to blend it. Take your blender, nice and gently tip it into the blender. A little safety measure I always do when I use my home blenders is I always put a cloth over the top, just in case.

Blend the chilled soup

I blend just for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, that's all, just to get the flavours marinated together. And that's it, that's all you need to do. Take it off, open up and you get a wonderful smell of all the marinated peppers, the tomatoes, the basil, the herbs. And we pour it in and we let that chill overnight and let all the flavours marinade together so they're really nice and delicious.

Marinate the gazpacho for 24 hours

Soup's been marinating now for 24 hours in the fridge, we've taken it out, as you can see, it's nice and chilled, it's looking a great colour. So we're just going to pass that through a sieve. The reason why we're doing this is just to get out the little pips from the tomatoes and the little pips from the peppers. So we're now passing that soup by forcing it through the sieve with the back of a spoon and, as you can see now, we're left with just the pulp.

And now we're going to season the soup. Maybe like a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a good generous amount of olive oil and then just some salt. Bring those flavours together, then we just stir. All we're going to do is just chill that while we make our garnish for the soup, so we're going to put that back in the fridge.

Make golden croutons

So the soup's chilling now and now we're going to start the garnish. So take some sliced white bread, cut the crusts off and cut them in to 2-3cm dices, like so. Take off the ends. All we're doing now is taking the bread, pouring a little bit of olive oil on top and this just helps them cook a little bit more evenly. A little bit of sea salt on top like so. Tossing them together and then we're going to place them in a medium oven, about 140, because we want to get a nice even golden colour. So in the oven they go.

And out come the ones which are now nice and golden. So that's our croutons done and we're going to finish the rest of the garnish. So we've got some cucumbers, some breakfast radishes. All we're going to do is cut that in to three, so you have a garnish like that. Now we're ready to plate and we're going to take the tomatoes first, place those in the bottom of the bowl. And then we take the radish, again, at intervals between the tomatoes. We now take the cucumbers, cut them into pieces and sort of stack. About five or six croutons per portion is fine. I try to serve this soup, where I like to put it in a little white jug just to give it a little bit more theatre. So I present this to my guests and then I just pour in the soup around my garnish.

Season, garnish and serve the gazpacho soup

And we pour that around the garnish and then you end up with this beautiful, chilled tomato gazpacho.

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