Jason Atherton's plum bruschetta


Video guide to apple and plum bruschetta

This dessert is also a favourite of mine at the weekends I like to cook for brunch. It's apple and plum bruschetta, also known in the UK as gypsy toast and known in France as French toast.

Peel the apples and chop the plums

To start this dish, we start by peeling the apples and chopping the plums. So we literally just take our apple, peel it down, taking all the skin off our Granny Smith apple to reveal the nice sourness of the apple. Doesn't have to be routine size, just any old size will do as long as they're nice and even. Exact same for the plum, we just slice around the stone in the middle, so it makes it easier. And again, it goes in to nice even chunks by slicing around the stone. We then place those in to our bowl of pre-sliced fruit.

Make a fruit compote

And now we're ready to make our compote. Take the sugar, add to the pan with 100ml of water. Add in the water first and we're literally just melting these together to make a stock syrup. Now we've melted the sugar and water, we're ready to add the fruit, so in goes apples and plums. We're stirring these around to make our compote and all we're doing is just letting the flavours release down into the sugar and water, until they all combine together to make a real nice compote. We want the flavours to break down and marinade together and it'll go a real nice bright red.

So all we're really doing here now is just reducing down the sugar and water over the plums and apples to give it that real deep flavour.

Make the brioche coating

While our plum and apple mixture is now reducing to a nice thickness, we're now going to make our coating for our brioche. So quite simply, take a bowl, take three medium-size hens' eggs and break those in to the bowl. And then we mix those together with our milk, which we just pour in slowly while we mix our eggs. In goes the sugar and then a last few whisks to combine and that's our mixture ready for our brioche.

Soak the brioche in egg

We take our loaf of brioche and take off the end. The reason why we take the ends off is because we need the actual bread exposed to be able to soak up the egg mixture. I'd say a good one and a half to two inches thick, get rid of our excess bread. And that's our brioche ready to dip and we literally just soak our bread, in like so, and we want two pieces. We don't want to soak it too long.

Take a little bit of butter into our warm pan and now we're going to start the pan foaming. As you can see, the bread's now nicely soaked up and we add our bread, like so and this is the bit that gives it its name of gypsy toast or French toast.

Pan fry the brioche

So we've got our brioche in our pan and as you can see, it's nice and foaming, not too dark, you can almost smell that buttery French toast smell. It's nearly, nearly there now, just caramelising the last few parts of the toast. You can see that the egg mixture's really soaked up into the bread. This is a nice change, rather than just having toast or something normal like normal brioche in the toaster, this is a nice way of doing it.

Stack your plate with brioche and compote

So now we're ready to plate. We've got our beautiful white plate, our brioche. Now it's nicely drained, we take the brioche, stack it on the plate like so. Take our compote and then just scoop out the nice big bits and place them nicely on top of our bruschetta, like so. The smells coming off are just fantastic, you can see the colours where the plums tainted the apples. A little dust of icing sugar, just to decorate the plate and give it a little natural sweetness and then we take our crème fraiche and we serve this just on the side. Then we take some maple syrup, this is a classic American way of finishing this dish, and we just scoop a little bit of maple syrup on top and around the plate like so.

Prepare to serve your plum bruschetta

This is a fantastic dessert and also great at the weekends as a brunch dish.

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