Jason Atherton's strawberry sorbet


Video guide to strawberry sorbet

This is a great, simple strawberry sorbet, bang on for the summer time, really, really delicious to serve with, maybe, cheesecake even a chocolate dessert or something as simple as a strawberry salad.

Slice your strawberries

So we cut up all our strawberries, take the tops off and then we just slice the strawberries into four or five pieces to add to the rest of our fruit, which we're then going to place in a blender. On they go, quite simple we just blend them fresh like that. In they go into just a normal household blender. In goes our strawberries and we turn on, medium speed.

Blend the fruit

We've whizzed that for 30 seconds, 40 seconds, that's all it takes and you can smell those strawberries have really released the flavour. We're just going to pass this through a simple muslin cloth and a sieve. The reason why we're doing this is we want to take out all the little seeds inside the strawberries, take those out.

So get ourselves a ladle and we literally just run our ladle around in a clockwise motion to release all the fruit and press it through in to our clean bowl at the bottom, because all we want at the bottom is our nice clean strawberry juice.

Add liquid glucose

In goes our strawberry juice, making sure we scrape the bowl all the way in. And now we need to add the rest of our ingredients. Here we've got liquid glucose; liquid glucose is a stabiliser so basically what will happen with this is when we freeze the sorbet it stops it freezing too hard and it's not too sweet. So in goes the liquid glucose.

Gently heat the strawberry juice

And then we turn our strawberry juice because we want to melt our liquid glucose. So, medium heat, we don't want to heat the strawberries up too much because we'll ruin the flavour. So we're literally now just melting that liquid glucose.

Stir in the icing sugar

Next to go into our pan is our icing sugar. Just tip the icing sugar in nice and slow and then, again, just melt the icing sugar with a medium heat. It's all combined in to the strawberry juice and there's no lumps. So, heat down, take off our strawberry liquid, which is nice and combined, not got it too hot. We take our lemon and just take the pips out and then we squeeze in our lemon juice. As we stir that in, we're just going to give that a little taste. That's got enough acidity in it for me.

Taste to balance the flavour

At this stage, this is where you need to use your own palate to balance the flavours. If it's not got enough acidity and you like acidity in your sorbets and ice creams, add a little bit more lemon juice. If you like it sweet, add a little more sugar.

Put the strawberry mixture into the ice cream machine

So now we're ready to put our strawberry mixture in to our ice cream machine. So literally just take the lid off, pour it in. Place the lid back on and this mixture will be ready in about 30 to 40 minutes time, it'll be nicely churned and ready to serve.

We've got our scoop in some nice warm water. A little chef's tip is to keep the water nice and hot so when you scoop out your sorbet, it stays a nice shape. Nice cold bowl, which I've kept in the freezer, again for serving purposes, to make sure it doesn't melt the sorbet on contact.

Add the final touches to the sorbet

In goes our sorbet, which is coming out lovely, and you can see the glucose helped keep the sorbet a nice shape. Just the final touches, now all the sorbet's in the bowl, is we're going to add a little bit of candied lemon, which is just lemon peel cooked down in sugar and water and then dried out, so you get this really nice little pieces of candied lemon peel and we scatter those on top and they act like little bits of candy, just get those all nicely on top, like so.

Garnish with fresh mint

And then, last but not least, we take some nice little sprigs of fresh mint and then we're going to just decorate these on top. Press them in and that adds not only just a little bit of fresh minty flavour, it also gets it a nice little bit of colour.

And that's our really simple strawberry sorbet, which can served as an accompaniment for something as simple as a cheesecake, even a nice chocolate dessert. But, do you know what, even served on its own, simply, like that with candied lemon peel and mint is fantastic.

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