Lads' night in cocktails

Video guide to lads' night in cocktails

Tom:  This is Joe. We've got a few guys round for some pizzas so instead of the standard bottles of beer, we're going to make some really nice simple serves, great tasting drinks with minimal effort. We've got some Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and some Drambuie.

Ice up the cocktail glasses

So to start with, if you could ice up two glasses for me.

Joe: Two?

Tom: Yes, right the way to the top.

Joe:  Is that alright?

Jack and Cola

Tom: Yes, that's perfect, if you want to pop them on there for me. We're going to be using Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. If you take your measuring shot glass, if you haven't got a shot glass, an egg cup is absolutely fine. We want 25mls, which will just be half of the glass straight in. There you go.

Joe: And the other side as well?

Tom: Yes, that's absolutely perfect. It's going to be two different serves, one of which is topped with ginger beer and the other is going to be topped with cola. That's perfect and we're going to leave this one ungarnished and for the garnish for the Jack and cola, we're simple just going to add a little slice of lemon. Simple as.

Joe: Brilliant.

Drambuie and Ginger

Tom: Really effective, really tasty. So if you'd just like to ice up the last glass, we're going to be using some Drambuie this time. That's perfect, same as the other one, we're going to use 50mls this time though, so a whole measure glass.

Joe: Yes, whole glass.

Tom: That's perfect and again we're going to be topping it up with some ginger beer. And this one, just to add a little bit of citrus into the drink, we're going to use a fresh squeeze of lime. If you want to give that a little stir, get the Drambuie going through the drink.

Joe:  It's funny how liqueurs sit at the bottom, don't they?

Tom: They do.

Joe: Please let me try this one.

Tom: You can try that one, go for it, see what you think.

Joe:  It's really good, the spice.

Tom: Minimal effort, maximum taste. Really tasty.

Joe:  I would never make cocktails, never think to make cocktails but the ones that Tom showed me tonight, they're really simple to make, really easy to put together and, yes, I've really enjoyed it, to be honest.

Recipes in this video:

Jack and Cola
Drambuie and Ginger
Jack and Ginger

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