Making an omelette

Video guide to making an omelette

For an omelette, for each person, you need two to three eggs, a knob of butter, a splash of milk and to fill it, maybe some herbs, such as chives, and perhaps a little bit of grated cheddar cheese.

I'm going to show you how to make a very simple but perfect omelette, delicious for lunch of a nice light supper. For each person, you need two to three eggs, depending on how hungry you are and how big your pan is. I'm going to do a three-egg omelette. Just crack them into a measuring jug. I think a measuring jug is the easiest way to pour the egg mixture into your pan.

Season the eggs

Then season with a little bit of salt and black pepper and add just a splash of milk. You literally only want about a tablespoon. Then, using a fork just beat them together. You don't need a whisk, you're not making a soufflé, you just want to make sure that the egg yolk is well broken down.

You can leave it plain or you can add a few fresh herbs. Chives and eggs are the perfect marriage but if you would rather, you can use parsley or just leave it well seasoned with salt and pepper.

Butter your pan

I'm now going to get a knob of butter in a pan, you need a nice hot pan, not too hot, you just want the butter to sizzle. You can use butter or you can use olive oil. When the butter's melted, just swirl it round the pan and add your beaten eggs.

As the egg begins to cook, gradually pull the cooked egg into the centre of the omelette. This helps the runny egg to go underneath. You need to do that all the way around because we want all of the egg to be set and nicely cooked.

I'm using a non-stick pan, which makes life a lot easier. If you find that it isn't setting, if your omelette's really thick, you can always pop it under the grill just to finish off that surface.

Add your fillings

You can fill it with fried bacon, mushrooms, I'm going to add cheese, you can add cherry tomatoes, whatever you feel like.

Then sprinkle over some grated cheese. You can use low-fat cheddar, regular cheddar or your favourite cheese. The heat of the omelette will just cook the cheddar.

Then, using a small palette knife, or a turner, just flip the omelette over. Then all you need to do is slide it onto your plate. I serve it with a few cherry tomatoes.

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