Rasta pasta

Video guide to Rasta pasta

Hi, I'm Levi Roots and I'm going to show you a low-carbon recipe as part of Climate Week, part of which is to encourage us to cook low-carbon recipes and how we can eat delicious food that costs less and is more environmentally friendly. And this is what this recipe is all about. I'm going to show you how to cook my fabulicious rasta pasta, a spicy tomato sauce with spaghetti. But first, I've got to de-bling, let's get rid of these, shall we? You know what Mummy always says, can't cook with the rings on.

Right, let's get rid of that, shall we? Right, what we've got here now, I've got a pan on here with some salted water which I'm going to put my spaghetti in a little bit later, but first, let's make the sauce, shall we?

Ingredients for Rasta pasta

OK, I've got here about 400g of cherry tomatoes, which I brought in the shops this morning, so they're kind of fresh. So let's get that in our saucepan, shall we? Right in there with that, delicious, lovely colours.

Next I've got here is capsicum or you could use some ordinary red peppers, but they're roasted and I bought these in a jar. I've drained them and I've chopped them roughly because you don't want them too finely chopped. So roughly chopped peppers into that.

Add herbs

Next I'm going to add in some dried herbs, it's a mixture of herbs, sort of Caribbean herbs. I'm going to add a pinch in there for a bit of flavour, perhaps a little bit more. Fantastic.

Right, next I'm going to add a little bit of black pepper and, of course, a little bit of salt. I've got a clove of garlic which I'm going to chop finely. You can smash it, you can do anything you want with it, I'll chop it up finely. OK, and in it goes. Finally, I'm going to add a pinch of sugar.

Stir in spicy tomato ketchup

Next, add two to three tablespoons of spicy tomato ketchup. In this case, I'm going to add my Reggae Reggae Tomato Ketchup. In it goes.

Let's fire it up, shall we? Let's get some heat under there. I'm going to cook this for about 10 minutes. But first let's give it a twirl and get those flavours married together. OK, that's it. Lid on, cook for about 10 minutes and that should be delicious.

Now, we've got our water on, looking nice and boiling, so we're going to add out spaghetti, cool. And finally, to our sauce, we're going to add four tablespoons of mixed olives and give it a twirl.

So what makes a low carbon meal? Well, meat and dairy products actually leave a higher carbon footprint but what's fantastic about this recipe is because it's vegetarian, it's actually more environmentally friendly. You can play your part by occasionally cooking a vegetarian meal.

Cook the pasta

Pasta is cooked, sauce is looking delicious so let's drain off, shall we? Once we've done that, we add back our spaghetti to the pan. Let's have a look at our sauce, fantastic. I think that's ready, so let's turn that off, shall we, and get our spaghetti back on the hob. And, finally, to add the sauce to the spaghetti.

Mix together and serve

OK, and next is to marry that all together. Just going to make sure that the spaghetti is really mixed in with the sauce. And now, let's dish it up, shall we? My favourite part, this. Lovely plate. It's always fun in the kitchen, I love it in here, especially when you've got all these delicious flavours and colours. It's really good to know that you've cooked it yourself when you're enjoying. Brilliant.

And there you have it, my delicious low-carbon rasta pasta.


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