Roast Turkey with Gravy

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Roast turkey with gravy:

Pre-heat your oven

The first job on Christmas morning is to pre-heat your oven. And then cook your turkey because that's the biggest job, or the longest job I should say. A turkey of this size, which is about 6 kilos, will take approximately 3 hours to cook in an oven at about 180.

Season the turkey

So what we've got to do when it comes to seasoning is a stock cube. Chicken stock cube, and what we're going to do is make a paste. Just crumble it in there, tiny little bit of butter, this is clarified butter with the fat removed but you could use oil, you could use goose fat, your choice, so what we're going to do with this paste is massage it into  the bird inside and outside of the cavity. So again rather than use salt, I'm using the cube. Just a very light paste and what I'm going to do is just massage it into the bird. I've used two cubes so two cubes for a bird of this size should be enough.  When people tend to season a turkey with salt, what you see happening is it forms a crust and then drops away. What happens by making a paste, the cube absorbs into it and doesn't drop off so your seasoning is staying where you put it. And again season the inside of the cavity of the bird. Every Christmas I have turkey because I like the nostalgia of being a child sitting round the table seeing the turkey arrive. It always had that sense of occasion. And so I think the whole visual side of Christmas is what makes it very exciting. So there's our seasoned turkey. Again, I pre-heat the oven.

Add the winglets

I take my winglets and drop them in. A tiny bit of butter or whatever you choose to use, your preference, and then we take our bird and then just a tiny bit of butter over it. So a tiny bit of butter and then we just roast that now for about 3 hours on the bottom shelf. And I put the winglets in because I'll use the winglets later when it comes to making the gravy.  Okay, I cook a turkey without the stuffing. It cooks from the outside and from the inside so it cooks quicker.

Into the oven

So there's our turkey now and we pop her in the oven. So the turkey goes in at 10.30, approx 3 hours, out comes the turkey, cover it in a little tin foil, warm place, let her rest, and she's now ready to eat about 2, 2.15. Where's the stress? So the turkey has now been in the oven for 3 hours. It's cooked perfectly it just needs a rest. Let's just lift it off. All the sediment we're going to use for our basic gravy. So what we're going to do is we're going to take all the fat off and we'll reuse this fat.

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