Stuffing a chicken

Video guide for stuffing a chicken

What I'm going to do is loosen the skin around the breast of the chicken. So, lift the flap and then slide your hand up underneath the breast. You can feel the membrane there and you've got to loosen it with your fingers, all the way up. It's like getting your hands inside a stocking really.

Flavouring the chicken

You can put a nice herb butter under the skin, you can put slices of lemon or herbs under and I'm just going to put this stuffing in there. So loosen it both sides and when that's loosened, take your stuffing; just a little bit at a time, not too much, pop that up under the breast, a bit messy.  But it's worth it because this way, you get all these lovely flavours going down into the meat of the chicken.

You want to massage it up around the breast, so you get a nice layer of stuffing. Once you've done that both sides, I'll do the other side as well.  Gather up all the crumbs, we don't want to lose any. Mix that last bit into a ball, it's nice and moist, and just stuff the end of the chicken. It's never a good idea to stuff the body cavity of the chicken because you want the heat to get right through inside the chicken, so just do that neck end.

Seasoning and cooking

I'm just going to season it with salt and pepper, a good grind all over and then I'm going to roast it for 20 minutes per pound plus an extra 20 minutes at the end. Now, don't forget you need to calculate the weighing time with the stuffing added.

Carving the chicken

So there we are one beautifully golden lemon and parsley roast chicken. Let's carve it. You'll be able to see how nice and succulent and moist and when you carve it like this; you should get a nice layer of parsley stuffing underneath the skin. One more slice for you.

There you are, lovely tender succulent chicken with parsley and lemon stuffing.

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