10 Corn on the Cob Recipe Ideas

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Sweetcorn is one of those vegetables that just keeps on giving. Each sunny yellow cob provides a neat portion of portable hand-food, embellished with jewel-like kernels. It’s easy to cook, moreish and delicious, brilliantly versatile, virtuous and healthy. British sweetcorn is at its best from around late August through to early October.

Preparing, cooking and serving the cobs is very simple. Don’t be put off by ears of corn that still have their husks on – these green outer leaves come in handy for roasting or barbecuing. Simply peel back the husk to reveal the yellow corn and remove the silk, then fold the husks back over and tie with a little cook’s string. Just as a piece of foil will do, the husks help to insulate the corn, steaming it inside as it cooks.

If you buy your corn without the husks, a loose but sealed wrap of foil will help the kernels soften nicely in the oven or on the barbecue. The cobs are also delicious griddled or boiled. To serve, insert skewers or forks into the cob ends to aid with important munching – or just use your clean hands and get stuck in!

You can add plenty of wow-factor to your corn on the cob with tasty herbs and spices, and toppings. Here’s our 10 favourite serving ideas to try during the British sweetcorn season:

1. Black pepper

Twist plenty of freshly ground black pepper over the cobs before rolling them in melted butter. A pure and simple ticket to enjoyment!

2. Lemon and parsley

Add a squeeze of lemon juice and a handful of chopped parsley to your butter. The sugary sweetcorn balances the sharp citrus. Serve with torn roast chicken and green beans.

3. Coriander, chilli and lime

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This recipe for grilled sweetcorn with fresh chopped coriander, chilli flakes and lime zest is ideal for firing up the flavours at a weekend barbecue!

4. Parmesan and thyme

Combine a few sprigs of fresh thyme with your butter and sprinkle the cobs with shavings of Parmesan. Create a child-friendly version by swapping in the cheese for cheddar or an Emmental.

5. Garlic and lemon

Rub your cooked cobs with a clove of fresh garlic and serve with a wedge of lemon. This option comes in handy when you’re short on time and ingredients!

6. Wasabi butter

corn on cob wasabi butter (h)

For sweetcorn with a wasabi butter, combine a squeeze of lemon and a small amount of wasabi paste to give your corn on the cob a zingy edge. Add more wasabi if you dare!

7. Bacon wrapped

Infuse your cobs with a delicious smoky flavour by wrapping them in bacon. This is a great supper idea for a Saturday evening in when you’ve got some time to let the cobs roast gently.

8. Jerk-style

Give your cobs the Caribbean treatment and create a jerk seasoning. Make an all spice, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and thyme butter and serve with barbecued drumsticks and a crunchy salad.

9. Mexican

Roll each of your cooked corn on the cobs in butter, fresh finely chopped chilli and Manchego cheese. Spicy but so delicious!

10. Maple drizzle

Corn with Maple DrizzleHERO

Create a sweet and smoky syrup for your cobs with maple, cayenne and a little vinegar. This corn with maple drizzle recipe is a lovely idea to team with sticky ribs on a hot summer’s night.


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