5 deliciously different mince pie recipes

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Mince pies are one of the best Christmas inventions of all time. Not only are they a brilliant excuse for a mid-afternoon cup of tea, but their simple construction - a sweet pastry case filled with rich mincemeat - means they are perfectly suited to being jazzed up with other ingredients or presented in fresh and exciting shapes and sizes. Here's our guide to 5 deliciously different mince pie ideas to keep you going all the way to the New Year!

1. Mini Mincemeat puffs 

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These fun mini mincemeat puffs are the perfect addition to a festive spread. Swapping puff pastry for the traditional shortcrust makes these tasty treats feel extra indulgent, while the fancy-looking swirl shape makes them stand out in the mince pie crowd. These are so easy to make too - you could ask a few little helpers to lend a hand with spooning out the mincemeat and rolling the pastry!

2. Mincemeat and marzipan slices

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Surprise Santa with a truly festive pie with a difference! These mincemeat and marzipan slices are topped with rich mincemeat, tart cranberries and sweet marzipan stars. You could also serve these slices warm with brandy butter or cream for a delicious dessert on Boxing Day.

3. Mincemeat and cranberry puff swirls

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These good-looking mincemeat and cranberry swirls are packed with fruity flavours and have the sophisticated addition of pistachio nuts. They're ideal for impressing hard-to-please Christmas guests (who may well go back for seconds!).

4. Pink Lady apple and mincemeat tarts

Pink Lady Apple and Mincemeat Tarts stars 2 HERO 707a5d9a 0f58 4500 898e abf71ab44266 0 472x310
Fresh apple is a delicious addition to these star-topped Pink Lady apple and mincemeat tarts, giving them extra sweetness and added texture. You could also try adding pear or Sharon fruit for a refreshing twist.

5. Mincemeat scones with brandy butter

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If you're after a pastry alternative, these mincemeat scones are a lovely idea to serve for an afternoon of entertaining. It's also a really clever way to use up any leftover mincemeat and brandy butter!

Happy mince pie eating and Merry Christmas from Real Food!

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