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Swimming lessons, art classes, football practice…just general mayhem? The summer holidays can be a stressful time for parents as you dash to and from commitments picking up and dropping off children. Hopefully you won’t leave your daughter at rugby and your son at ballet, but who could blame you?

It’s times like these when batch cooking is your best friend. If you make double or extra and pop it in the freezer, you’ve got a failsafe meal to feed the family when things get out of control again, leaving you with a couple of minutes with your feet up rather than in the kitchen slaving away!

Classic Indian Curry Sauce isn’t a meal in its own right but it’s the base of a delicious and quick curry so all you’ll have to do is pop some rice on and fry up some chicken or lamb and veggies. If you make up a bigger quantity that you need you’ll always have a secret weapon in the freezer.

If you’re after something a bit more traditional nothing beats a Classic Shepherd’s Pie or a pot full of Tomato Soup. Stick them in the freezer and forget about them until you need them – perfect!

Pasta bakes are a great dinner to make up and freeze as firstly they’re a crowd pleaser and secondly they’re incredibly simple to make. A Spinach, Tuna and Ricotta Lasagne is a different take on the traditional lasagne and is also a more adult meal, great if you get caught out by unexpected dinner guests! For a simple family supper try Penne Pasta and Tomato Bake. Everyone will leave the table full and happy…just in time for another day of activities tomorrow.

If your family has a sweet tooth, make some Chocolate Cookies and freeze the mixture at the dough stage. If you have a gaggle of kids over it’s a synch to just pop them in the oven and you’ve got warm cookies for all in minutes.

Make sure you save a couple for yourself should you get half an hour to rest your feet and enjoy a cup of tea…chance would be a fine thing!

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