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Blackened chicken with mango chilli and lime salsa HERO

The Real Food summer ezine is packed with recipes designed to inspire: whether on the beach with a portable barbeque or at home with a hungry tribe to feed. Here are some wine matches, just in case you need added wine inspiration too!

Sticky Barbeque Pork Ribs

This recipe has got some wonderfully flavoured ingredients – star anise, ginger, honey and soy sauce to name a few – but these are tricky to match with wine. The key is to find balance, so a red is a better partner here to white or rose wine because of all those strong flavours in the dish. The juicy, ripe flavours of the Tesco Finest Block 13 Australian Shiraz/Grenache work really well with spice.

Blackened Chicken With Salsa

The thing to concentrate on here is the salsa, that’s the ingredient in the dish that most affects how well (or not) a particular wine will go. And the lovely, perky flavours of the salsa need to be met with lovely, perky flavours in the wine. Here, a rose full of character will do the trick. Try the Tesco Finest Nero d’Avola Rose, packed with enough fruit to match up to the salsa-ing chook.

Mackerel with Lemon Dressing

This dish calls for a white with lots of fresh citrus flavours and good, firm acidity to balance the oiliness of the fish and flavour of the capers. You could go for a Sauvignon Blanc from France or New Zealand but for something a bit different, try an Albarino, a white wine from northern Spain. The Tesco Finest Albarino is the one to go for here.

Mini Moroccan Lamb Pittas

This is another dish with a bit of a kick, with harissa as one of the ingredients. Now, spice can sometimes fight a bit with the tannins in wine so better to go with a soft, juicy red here. A great match would be a vibrant red from the South of France, such as the Tesco Finest Cotes Catalanes Grenache (blended with Carignan and Mourvedre too) from the Languedoc Roussillon region.

Roasted Pepper Parcels

With a distinctly Italian feel, this dish has mozzarella, basil, pesto, pine nuts and a host of other flavours going on. It has a lovely fresh, vibrant feel to it, so the wine needs to have a similar character. A red would be perfect, but one with juicy rather than robust flavours: enter New Zealand Pinot Noir! Try the abundantly fruity Tesco Finest Central Otago Pinot Noir; it will work a treat.

Which wines do you enjoy serving at a BBQ? Let us know in the comment section below.

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