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We’re a patriotic bunch us Brits. You only had to watch the scenes on telly of the royal wedding with thousands of proud subjects waving their flags and cheering on Will and Kate or ever attend the last night of the proms when Rule Britannia is bellowed out by everyone in the Albert Hall and around the country to great applause.

So, in celebration we’re championing some fantastic British dishes. We’re known for our comforting homely food and nothing brings back childhood memories of blustery autumn nights than a good stew. Try our Beef and Guinness version for a traditional take on a classic recipe, serve it with Champ for a warming supper. If you’re nostalgic for Sunday lunches pull out all the stops with a roast, we love this Zesty Roast Chicken which is perfect with good British veggies and roast potatoes.

Smoked salmon is fantastic when fresh from Scotland and is seen on blinis at dinner parties around the country. For something a little different you could try making your own Smoked Salmon Sushi or simply serve it on toast for a very decadent breakfast.

At last check, Chicken Tikka Masala was our national dish which means we all love a curry. You could make your own Curry Sauce for an authentic dish or knock up a Spicy Chicken and Tomato Curry for a Friday night in with friends.

Lastly, who doesn’t love pudding? Tuck into Jam Roly Poly or an Apple Crumble for a quintessentially British pudding...don’t forget the cream!

All together now…Rule Britannia!


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