Celebrate National Wine Month

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May is National Wine Month and pairing wines with food is a fantastic way to impress dinner party guests and it can change the way you think about food. Because we know it can be a daunting prospect we've selected some delicious meals and paired them up with their perfect wine partner.
Asparagus is at its best at the moment and is delicious in this Summer Vegetable Risotto. It is perfect eaten al fresco with a sublime Pinot Grigio.
Cool and crisp white wines go very well with fish, particularly if it's fresh and simple like this Roast Sea Bass with Salsa Verde. Enjoy with Sauvignon Blanc.
Lamb is in season at the moment and is delicious simply prepared on the barbecue or grilled like these Sizzling Lamb Steaks with Pepper, Orange and Olive Salad. Delicious served on a hot and sunny day with a sumptuous Rioja.
Traditionally chicken would be served with white wine but Chicken Cacciatore with its rich and deep Mediterranean flavours can take a light red such as the Beaujolais.

For something a bit more robust and for those spring days that will feel more like autumn nothing beats a comforting and homely Lasagne. The beef mince in this recipe can take a more full-bodied red like the stunning Malbec.

Puddings can be matched with wine too. Pair a delicious Very Lemony Tart with the amazing Sauvignon Blanc for the perfect end to any dinner party.
Have you got the perfect food and wine match? Let us know in the comments box below...
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