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Even if it rains all month, even if it drizzles, hails or even snows, one thing is for sure - my family and I won't get through the summer without ice cream. Even though I personally often find it too cold (yes, really) and at least one child has a milk allergy, there are still enough eager eaters to scoff their way through any number of tubs of the stuff.

So I had thought that the fact that we now have not one, but two, ice cream makers would be a big plus. But of course I was reckoning without the second law of the universe - if you have a complicated kitchen gizmo, costing a fair amount and used very seldom, then it is impossible to move house without losing the essential small plastic part that makes the whole thing work. Of course, with two ice cream makers, you might well assume that we would survive the move with at least one of the small vital plastic thingies intact. But no. Both have sunk without trace in a sea of bits and bobs that are no longer with us.

I can't spend a moment longer wondering where on earth they've got to. (Has the cat made off with them? Are they hiding still in the garage, lurking in a corner and laughing at me? Did they get left at the back of a drawer in the old places and subsequently get chucked out by the new owners?). No, no, no. I'm not wasting another moment on all that. I have ice cream to make.

Luckily, it is possible to make a super-delicious ice cream without going anywhere near an ice cream maker. And every time I make this recipe, I do actually wonder why on earth we ever bought the silly things in the first place. Go on, try it. It's gorgeous. And it really, truly, could not be any easier.

One orange and two limes, or a similar combination of citrus fruit (two lemons and a clementine, even a grapefruit and two satsumas ....) 175g icing sugar A large pot of double cream (584 ml) Yes, that's all the ingredients.

Take the zest off your citrus fruit and juice them into a large bowl. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the cream, and beat until it forms soft peaks. Freeze it in a container with a lid - an old ice cream tub is ideal. This should take two or three hours. Remember to get it out half an hour before you eat it ........

.....And that's it. So easy, so delicious, so make some!

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