Cold comforts

Slow cooked chicken noodle soup with chickpeas HERO

Did you hear a lot more sneezing than normal on the commute this morning or have the congregation of parents at the school gates been coughing more of late? It’s that time of year again when the common cold rears its ugly head and strikes people down in their droves.

We can’t promise you won’t get ill but we can help when you’re feeling a bit under the weather with some yummy food that might even help you get over the worst of it.

Chicken Noodle Soup is often called ‘Jewish penicillin’ for its amazing ability to make you feel better. Our version is slow cooked with chickpeas and will warm you to your bones. Get a big bowl and wrap yourself up on the sofa for a bad movie marathon.

Don’t forget to get your vitamin C fix whilst you’re not at your best. We recommend our Lemon and Lime Zinger. It’s a delicious smoothie packed with vitamins and also contains ginger that has been touted as a natural remedy for colds.

Cooking when you’re unwell can really feel like a chore so simple, tasty fare is on the menu. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food and what could be easier than a pasta bake as you just need to pop it in the oven and not think about it again until it’s cooked. Sprinkle with liberal amounts of parmesan and go back to the sofa!

Chili can help unblock stuffed up noses. For a treat and a chili hit all at once indulge in a Chili Hot Chocolate but if you want the real deal Chili Con Carne (go as hot as you can handle) is much more likely to blow away those cobwebs!

Do you have a failsafe cold remedy?

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