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Our partners over at Great British Chefs recently carried out a fascinating survey amongst parents to discover more about how mums, dads and little ones feel about food and cooking in the home. Surveying 1,300 parents, the results reveal some fun and intriguing facts. Let’s take a look at the highlights! 

Kids love the kitchen!

It’s a fact - kids love to cook, with 75% of parents saying their little ones love being in the kitchen. Children are also keen to pop on their aprons, roll up their sleeves and help with cooking preparation, regularly asking to get involved.

Trying new foods and flavours

We all know that giving babies and toddlers lots of different foods to play with and taste helps them develop a better appreciation for eating, so it’s great to hear that 84% of parents think that cooking makes their kids more likely to try new food types. 

Dads can get in the kitchen too

Only 7% of British adults said that their Dad influenced them to get into cooking, with the majority of those interview citing their mums, grandparents and even celebrity chefs as major influencers. It’s a sure sign that modern dads needn’t be afraid to get in the kitchen and show the kids a few easy skills!

A reason to cook

So, what makes kids want to cook at home and how often do they get involved? From cooking their favourite food (61%), to passing time on a rainy day/during school holidays (49%) or watching their parents cook (46%), overall 50% of children cook at least once a week at home and 17% on a daily basis.

Thumbs up for cooking lessons

97% of parents are in favour of making cooking lessons part of the new national curriculum in schools. Kids love cooking at home and giving them valuable specialist lessons throughout their education is a wonderful way to nurture and grow healthy habits and life long interest in food. 

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You can view the full Great British Chefs survey here 


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