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With Father's Day fast approaching, we've been busy assembling all sorts of delicious ideas for making Dads feel special. Which got us thinking about the food that reminds us most of our Dads, and the signature dishes they’re famous for in the family.

“My Dad makes an amazing slow-cooked mutton curry – it's immense!” explains our Account Director, Georgie. “It's an all-day affair and is a complete show-stopper. By the time he serves it up, I'm desperate to eat it, as it fills the kitchen with amazing spice scents!” Even after years of practice, Georgie’s Dad is still keen to get her seal of approval on the flavour. “Every time we have it he waits with baited breath to see what I think…obviously, it's always a winner!”

Another slow-cooking hero is Deputy Editor Jo’s father, who inspired her to cook soups. “It was quite magical when I was little. He would throw everything in a pot, then we'd go and potter in the garden for the day before coming back to an amazing meal. His favourite was split pea and ham - he said it was really good for me!” Jo explains.

However, it’s fair to say that not all our Dads feel entirely at home in the kitchen. “My father can’t cook anything at all!” admits Hattie, who looks after our magazine advertorials. “Except scrambled eggs…and porridge. But not together obviously!”

Marketing Manager Karen’s Mum was always the family cook when she was growing up. “One weekend Mum went away and left Dad to make an easy Saturday night tea for us – fish fingers, chips and beans. He got a bit creative with it all, and to our surprise made volcanoes for my brother and I – stacking the chips and fish fingers, surrounded by beans with some dramatic ketchup erupting from the top! Obviously we thought it was the most amazing meal we’d ever had and couldn’t stop raving about it to Mum. I think she was probably a bit miffed!”

It seems that sometimes only a special occasion can coax cooking-shy Dads into the kitchen. “My Dad makes the BEST scrambled eggs – but only one day a year…Christmas Day!” laughs Gemma, our Art Editor. “It’s been a long-standing tradition in our household. He pimps it up with some smoked salmon and crème fraiche, it’s delicious. It reminds me of special times and learning how to cook a basic ingredient without a microwave!” she says.

It seems the times we spend cooking and eating with Dad stay with us as fond memories forever - even passing down the generations to our sons and daughters. Sub-editor Lindsay’s late father developed a wonderful granary loaf recipe when he retired. “My own daughter says one of her loveliest childhood memories is of spending time at her grandparents home perched on the kitchen counter top as Dad measured, mixed and kneaded the dough showing her how it was made – that and the smell of the fresh bread baking in the oven! Heaven.”

How lovely!

What’s your signature dish? We’d love to hear your stories and special memories of cooking and eating with Dad.

Father’s Day is on 16 June - see our edible gifts recipes for some tempting treats to make Dad

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