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Every family has its Christmas traditions. In mine, there’s the trip to the pub with my sister on Christmas Eve, the telling of terrible cracker jokes at Christmas lunch, and the happy slump in front of the TV with ham sandwiches on Christmas night. But my mum kicks the whole season off with one of my favourite traditions: the stirring of the Christmas pudding.

This year, Sunday 25th November marks Stir-up Sunday – the last Sunday before Advent begins, and traditionally the day we should all be making our Christmas puds. It’s not just about getting this special dessert ready; it’s also about every member of the family having a chance to stir the mix and make a wish.

In some families, it’s also tradition to add a coin to the mix (historically a sixpence, but these days more likely to be a pound); but for me, the wish-making is the only essential. Though I left home over a decade ago, I now get an annual text from my mum, instructing me to make a wish while she stirs on my behalf.

If you’re planning to take part in Stir-up Sunday this weekend, there are a few things you’ll need: a great recipe, a large wooden spoon, and your loved ones on standby. We can help with the first one - this cranberry and pecan Christmas pudding should go down a treat. Now you just need to work out what to wish for.

What are your favourite Christmas cooking traditions? Tell us in the comments below.

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