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It’s official! We’re in the midst of a heatwave and the hot weather is set to continue into next week. While sun-seekers bask in the hot-rays, others will be retreating into the shade. As the temperature rises we’ll all be looking for ways to stay cool, and the one place we won’t want to find ourselves is in front of a baking hot oven. So this week we’ve picked out all our tastiest summer recipes that involve no or very minimal cooking. Enjoy the heat!

Couscous salad HERO

Summer salads

On a simmering hot night, who can resist the taste of crispy bacon complemented with creamy avocado and honey and mustard dressing? Aside from the bacon, this salad recipe involves no extra cooking. It’s great for a quick lunch or dinner. 

Combine feta, green olives and roasted red peppers together for a delicious summer couscous salad. It’s easy to put together and there’s no cooking involved.

If you’re firing up the barbecue over the weekend, this simple avocado crunch salad makes a lovely accompaniment to barbecued meats and fish. Give your green leaves a little extra bite with the addition of corn, cheese and kidney beans in this crunchy American ranch salad.

 Rich blue cheese and chive dip HERO

Cool, creamy dips

Dips are the perfect companion to all the delicious summer veg in season this month. Stock up with cucumber, carrots, radishes, crisp lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes, cut into crudités and whip up a batch of one of our creamy dips.

Our favourites include this tasty broad bean dip and this tangy blue cheese and chive dip. If you’re entertaining friends, bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your table with a chilled jug of our berried summer sangria  or a refreshing glasss of pink lemonade.

icelollies hero

Cool down

It’s important to keep hydrated in hot weather so make sure you have bottles of water and lots of cool drinks in the fridge. Stock up the freezer with homemade ice-pops and rainbow ice-lollies too as these are a sure hit with adults and kids alike. We love these sweet summer raspberry and vanilla lollies and frozen berries and creamy yoghurt whipped together make a delicious chilled summer pudding in the hot weather.  

What do you eat in the heat? Share your hot tips and cool ideas with us in the comments box below or tweet us @tescorealfood.

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