Make your eggs even better

303 breakfast sausage egg muffins (H)

Eggs make a cracking contribution to breakfasts, main meals and baked delights. Here are our top recipes to eggcite you:

Breakfast frittata


Everyone loves a fry-up and this all-in-one version is sure to impress the whole family. Mushrooms, sausages and tomatoes all baked into a delicious frittata, made in under 30 minutes.

Sausage and egg muffins

303 breakfast sausage egg muffins (H)

This recipe is oh so easy and involves cooking eggs…in the microwave! A fun way to prepare eggs and an even more delicious way to serve them, sandwiched between a sausage patty, a slice of cheese, and a muffin.

Tunisian eggs and peppers


A flavour-packed one-pan dish that really livens up baked eggs with sweet peppers, red chill, tomatoes and paprika. This fiery Tunisian brunch is sure to get you going and won’t break the bank.

Fried eggs and bacon in pan

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This classic cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs has been given a simple twist so it can be made in one pan and ready in just 15 minutes – leaving you more time to sit back and enjoy the weekend.

Chickpea Scotch eggs

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A picnic just wouldn’t be the same without Scotch eggs – give yours an eggciting makeover by encasing the eggs with chickpeas, garlic, onion and sundried tomatoes. Great for picnic hampers and cheap and delicious too!

Baked eggs with ricotta and sumac


Rustle up this colourful dish in 15 minutes. Using eggs with tangy sumac, creamy ricotta, fiery paprika, iron-rich spinach and sweet roasted peppers, gives you a flavoursome brunch dish.

What are your favourite egg recipes? Let us know in the comments below.

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